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Mortgage Email Marketing Tips

Email can be a broker’s best friend. A crucial element of any marketing mix, email is a low-effort way to reach more prospects — and stay in touch with them. Done right, email can give the fees you collect a huge boost. Done poorly, and all it does is waste your time and annoy your prospects.

How do you create effective email campaigns? Read these tips to find out.

Generating Leads With Email

Growing Your Email List

Improve Your Subject Lines For Higher Open Rates

There will be plenty more tips to come in the future, too. So check this page often to stay up to date on the latest about email marketing.

For more of the latest trends and tips about running successful mortgage marketing campaigns, check out the other resources in our Mortgage Lead Resources.

And to learn about how online mortgage leads from ProspectZone can be a key player in your campaigns, talk to one of our Lead Specialists.

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