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Home Equity Leads: Filtered, Verified, Yours In Real Time

ProspectZone makes working home equity leads easy by connecting qualified homeowners instantly with mortgage brokers.

ProspectZone leads are homeowners who are online, looking to learn more about their home equity options. They’re never incentivized with free offers or special deals. They’re actively shopping for a home equity loan or line of credit, and you can be the broker who quotes them.

You can focus your efforts by using our lead filters. If you specialize in home equity, you don’t have to waste time talking to people shopping for a new purchase mortgage. And you can filter leads by property value, so you can be certain the resulting commission will be worth your time.

Why should you choose ProspectZone for your home equity leads? ProspectZone leads are:

  • Verified. Our leads are matched against data from major Telecom companies and U.S. Postal records. That means real names, real numbers, and real addresses.
  • Real-time. Our leads are sent to you as soon as they enter our system. And they’re timestamped to prove it, so you know exactly when the prospect filled out their lead info.
  • Never oversold. A lead does you no good if you’re the tenth broker to get them on the phone. ProspectZone leads are sold only an average of 2.14 times. And we never sell them to more than 4 mortgage brokers.

Ready to start closing qualified home equity leads? Talk to our lead specialists today to get set up.

Lead Management — Helping You Increase Your Returns

When you partner with ProspectZone, you get our BrokerOffice database tool for FREE. The BrokerOffice database lets you sort, track, and manage leads. Run reports to see exactly where your money’s coming from.

ProspectZone doesn’t just send you leads. We give you tools to get more returns on your lead investment.

Contact a Lead Specialist now and learn how home equity leads can help you collect more fees.

Or keep learning with tips for closing home equity leads, and strategies for first-time buyers.

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